“The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark.”

As an English corset-maker’s son, Thomas Paine was expected to spend his life sewing women’s underwear.  But as a teenager, Thomas dared to change his destiny, enduring years of struggle until a meeting with Benjamin Franklin brought Thomas to America in 1774…and into the American Revolution.

Within 14 months, Thomas would unleash the persuasive power of the written word as Common Sense  - a brash wake-up call that rallied the American people to declare independence against the mightiest empire in the world.

It was shocking.

It was explosive.

“Common Sense,” wrote George Washington,  “Is working a powerful change.”

This fascinating and extensively researched biography, full of primary sources, will immerse readers in Thomas Paine’s inspiring journey of courage, failure, and resilience that led a penniless immigrant to change the world with his words.

Sarah Jane Marsh takes a page out of Thomas Paine’s book with her straightforward, engaging text, accompanied by bold and vibrant illustrations by Edwin Fotheringham that evoke the passion and charisma of this revolutionary figure.

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Editor: Rotem Moscovich       Art Director: Maria Elias

ISBN 978-148478144-9

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