Author Visits

Presentations are designed for 3rd grade and above, and can be tailored to meet specific needs and reinforce key concepts. Below are some talks from 2017-2018. Don't see a good fit? Let's discuss creating something new!

For rates or to schedule:

Contact Disney Hyperion or feel free to contact Sarah with any questions. 


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Thomas Paine and the Dangerous Word

Book Talk or Assembly, 30 - 60 min

A behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Thomas Paine and the Dangerous Word. Includes author's journey, inspiration, research, early rough drafts & illustrations, and revision process. How do we know the facts behind this true story? We'll look at primary sources, including the original newspaper advertisement for Captain Death and his ship Terrible. And a sneak peak at Sarah’s next American Revolution book, still in progress, coming out in 2020. Students will learn the importance of a growth mindset and persistence in Paine's life and in our own.

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History of the American Revolution

History Presentation, 45 - 60 min, single overview to multiple presentations by topic

A lively overview of the American Revolution, jam packed with visuals and fascinating facts. Who were the colonists? How do we know what happened? What laws made the colonists mad and how did they respond? How did Thomas Paine’s Common Sense ignite the public discussion of independence? What ended the war? Students will practice bowing to King George and gain an understanding of this important era in our nation's history. 

This presentation can be tailored to fit the students' familiarity with the subject. We can also focus on specific events (Boston Massacre, Lexington & Concord, etc.) with hands-on activities. 

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Book Talk & History Presentation

Both presentations above combined, 45 min history & 15 min book talk


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Our Words Matter: Taking Our Writing From Good to Great

Revision Writing Workshop, 45 - 60 min

We'll start with a brief discussion of why we write and why our words matter. What is the difference between revising and editing? We'll work together on three revision techniques to apply to our own writing: adding descriptive words and details, facts/quotes, and transitions. I'll show examples of how I used these techniques in my book. 

Students will need a pencil and paper.

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The Dangerous Word

Persuasive Writing Workshop, 45 - 60 min

With Thomas Paine's Common Sense as our example, we'll look at the power of words to persuade. Students will brainstorm topics important to them, draft a statement of opinion, and three supporting statements. Students will write their final persuasive words in a foldable book. 

Students will need a pencil and paper. Foldable book can be completed at a later time.